Thermal Imaging Surveys, damp, heat loss, leaks in

buildings and roofs.  London and Boroughs

Thermal imaging or Thermographic surveys in buildings, damp detection and mapping the extent of moisture and identifying ingress points, heat loss, cold bridging, structural failures and visibly hidden features. Flat roof condition surveys are also our speciality. We have invested in and up-dated ia range of purpose professional equipment over the past 22 years in ground and aerial thermal imaging.                     NDT LISTED BUILDINGS                Aerial Infra-red Digital Mapping & GIS       Environmental Surveys - Infra-red Thermal Imaging      Endoscope Inspections - Damp Detection Specialists          Water Leak Detection from Pools & Buildings      Electrical Distribution & Condition Monitoring Surveys               Flat Roof surveys for mapping moisture                                   Data Logging  
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Damp Surveys

Using highly specified sensors, we can highlight damp problems and often trace them back to their source without the need for costly invasive action or stripping down. NDT - Listed Buildings Details >

Heat Loss Surveys

Using high definition equipment we survey domestic, commercial and government buildings. Aerial surveys and geo mapping of towns and cities using mil-spec infared equipment. Details >>

Flat Roof Surveys

We specialise in infrared surveys of commercial flat roofs to identify moisture under roof coverings. A range of electronics test equipment is used to support infrared data and to trace moisture trails over long distances. Details >>
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